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Shackleton Films 

John Shackleton is a multi-skilled, creative and technical filmmaker and TV Director; with endless storytelling imagination, an unflinching vision, and a relentless drive to make great things happen.

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John Shackleton, TV Director



TV Director

John has made 100's of hours of unscripted television for major broadcasters such as BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as Series Director and Producer / Director (self-shooting). 

Here are just a few recent credits.

**Dorset: Country and Coast (C5) has just received an RTS Nomination!**


Joff Powell - Executive Producer Kindling Media

John is an exceptional self-shooting PD who works equally well by himself or part of a bigger team. A multi-skilled and collaborative creative, John's vision and directorial style is unique, exciting and can work within the limitations of non-scripted budgets without compromising style. Able and willing to turn a brand-new format into a well-produced and exciting brand. John is great with contributors and getting the most out of them on camera. He has a proactive approach to be able to follow the story and adapt quickly if a stronger narrative arises during the filming process. Has fantastic communication skills and always challenges himself to supply the best stories editorially and visually.

Doug Hope – Executive Producer BBC Natural History Unit

'John was a great member of the team, creative and thorough - in what has been a very tough and complicated schedule on Animal Impossible, but he has delivered every time from the moors of the Mendips to Zero Gravity in Florida‘

Jannine Waddell - CEO Waddell Media

John was a fantastic asset as Series Director on 'Britain's Most Expensive Homes' for C4. He was great at dealing with contributors and difficult access and running many cameras on a tight schedule.

Aaron Paul - Rebel Media

John is a highly creative, intuitive and capable director who ups the game of every project he's involved with. I have worked with him on and off for the last fifteen years and he is absolutely my go to guy when I need something to look and feel great.

He understands narrative, has a natural flair and is a born storyteller. John has a unique ability to seemingly conjure something amazing from very little and sees opportunity in every nook and cranny of a tight budget and impossible deadline.

John is one of a kind, gets on with everyone and never, and I mean NEVER moans.

Pat Doyle - Executive Producer (freelance)

John Shackleton is a legend: one of the hardest grafting; most tirelessly creative people I've ever met. And what's more, in addition to his extensive TV work, John has achieved what most of us telly types have only ever talked about in the pub - he's made movies!

Rob Sprackling - Professional screenwriter

John is a passionate, dedicated and talented producer. He is reliable, amiable and a pleasure to work with.

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