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In Development...

Development is a very loose term and in putting these projects together on one page is a way for me to keep track of everything crawling around either in my head, on the page or in the edit. Needless to say - I'm super-pumped for 2024!

Somerset Supernatural.JPG

Somerset Supernatural

TV series pilot
(screening May '24)

Somerset is allegedly the most haunted county in the British Isles. It's also the place where I live... so what better region to jump right in and explore its varied haunted locations. Real people, places and investigations. An observational documentary series celebrating our fascination with the paranormal. (6 x 45mins)

Death Square

Feature film
(currently writing screenplay March '24)

Genre: Paranormal Horror/Thriller

Comps: ‘Talk To Me’ meets ‘Final Destination’




A troubled young woman gains the eerie ability to witness historical deaths in 3x3m spaces and predict anyone's three-word, point-of-death location. As her visions unravel dark secrets and unleash past demons, she must navigate a perilous path to break free from controlling forces threatening her future.

Death Square.JPEG
The Estes Method.JPEG

The Estes Method

Feature film
(outline Feb '24)

Genre: Paranormal/Psychological Thriller (contained)

Comps: ‘Brooklyn 45’ meets ‘REC’ 



A fearless TV crew, immersed in their paranormal investigation documentary series, receives an eerie warning from the 'other side' about their contributor, revealing a shocking truth – he's a sadistic serial killer with a sinister agenda. As they delve into the supernatural and psychological realms, they must confront the malevolent force within their team before becoming victims themselves.


Feature film
(outline Feb '24)

Genre: Paranormal/Monster

Comps: ‘Run Rabbit Run’ meets ‘The Babadook’ 



After a near-death experience, a mother, Caroline, discovers that her three-year-old daughter Alice, has memories of a past life filled with sins. As supernatural occurrences intensify, Caroline must confront the consequences of her daughter's past actions or face vengeful forces determined to settle the score.

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